Hurricane Supplies

Duval Container Company is a great source for hurricane supplies!  Why buy gallons of water when you can get 1, 2.5 & 5 gallon containers to fill before the storm arrives?  Save money and reuse!  The 2.5 gallon container (called a carboy) even has a pour spout with shutoff.  Pick up some for your next camping trip, too.

Does your church or favorite charity send aid supplies after disasters?  We also have 55 gallon drums, and the fibre drums are widely used to ship loose or bagged items.  After hurricanes hit the Carribean in 2017, people came from all around to purchase drums for shipping aid supplies.  Food, batteries, clothing – you name it, they shipped it.  Fibre drums with locking rings only cost $9.95 each so they are a bargain for a durable shipping container.  Plus they can be used for many purposes at the receiving site.

Have questions? Call us at  (904) 355-0711.  Don’t see an item you need?  Just ask and we’ll try to help.