Cane Syrup

Time to make Cane Syrup. November is the prime harvest season for sugar cane in Georgia. Here is northeast Florida, December is a great month too.

Cane Syrup is a traditional American sweetener made from juice extracted from raw sugar cane stalks and boiled down until thick. The result is a dark, “caramel–flavored, burnt gold–colored syrup, “deep and slightly sulfurous” with a “lightly bitter backlash”.

Most syrups, especially those containing corn syrup can be stored at room temperature.

Molasses results when sugar-cane juice or sugar-beet juice is refined to remove sugar crystals. After the sugar crystallizes, the remaining syrup is molasses.

Sorghum syrup is made by cooking down the juice of sweet sorghum cane. Sorghum syrup tends to have a slightly sour taste compared with that of pure cane syrup.

There are a few bottling options that are very popular in the syrup making community. The 750ml or 5th item 300525A, 375ml item 200441A and the 12oz ring neck item 200297.

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